Surf Club Competition | Adventure Parc Snowdonia

Local surf club competitionWrapping up an awesome event in Snowdonia for our local surf team Syrffio Dyfryn Conwy

On Sunday we were super stoked to host our local surf club, Clwb Syrffio Dyffryn Conwy, and Pen Llyn’s surf club, Clwb Syrffio Llyn for the first on-site surf competition since 2020.

The buzz of excitement and community around the lagoon was one we’ll be savouring for a long time to come thanks to all the young surfers and eager spectators who came along and made it the spectacular morning it was!

Here’s how it all went down…

At 7:30 surfboards were being waxed and excitement was already building around the lagoon as young surfers from both North Wales based surf clubs braved the crisp, Autumn morning and were eagerly preparing to get out on the waves to compete in a number of heats for the opportunity to take home a memorable team victory.

As 8:00 neared, competitors climbed onto the lagoon side and paddled out ready to get into the line-up for an opportunity to show the rest of their community and the judges what they could do. The atmosphere was brimming with anticipation and an undeniable eagerness from both surfers and spectators alike. As the first wave broke through the stillness of the morning, the anticipation in the air shifted into a joy as everyone’s eyes settled on the awesome scenes being created by all the young surfers involved. From the Beginner Bays to our Advanced Waves, everyone in the lagoon put on a spectacle, showing off all the skills they’ve been working away at throughout their club sessions and sharing their passion, solidifying a comradery and community of surfers of varying ages and abilities.

After two hours of competition from both clubs’ young surfers, we saw several the volunteers who help run the club sessions take to the Advanced Wave for one final hour of rolling waves and wipe outs.

At 9:30 the celebrations began at the lagoon-side tepee. As everyone tucked into a well-deserved warm post-surf breakfast, the focus shifted from the lagoon to the prize giving ceremony. Surfers, spectators and staff all gathered to hear the long-awaited result of the morning’s efforts. Both teams competed with great skill and fierce spirit which led to a very close result. Clwb Syrffio Dyffryn Conwy showed consistent performance across all their heats, using their home advantage to their strength however Clwb Syrffio Llyn showed depth and strength in their individual performances. Ultimately, Clwb Syrffio Dyffryn Conwy took the home win by just one point, leaving both teams eager to get back out on the waves together again in the new year for a second event which will be held on Clwb Syrffio Llyn’s home waves.

Although both teams put out an amazing effort in pursuit of the overall win on Sunday, Roger Pierce founder of Clwb Syrffio Dyffryn Conwy summed up the morning perfectly when he said, “the spirit between both teams and their members was unmistakable even though it was a competition and both teams helped each other out in the waves”.

It was an absolute pleasure to host Sunday’s event and be able to engage with the young surf community here in North Wales. We’re looking forward to seeing how both teams progress and we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for their performances in next year’s event!

Summer in Snowdonia | Adventure Parc Snowdonia

Summer in SnowdoniaWrapping up an awesome return to life around the lagoon

Thanking you all, who visited, surfed, climbed, explored, relaxed and embraced an incredible summer in Snowdonia!

With collective relief felt far and wide, the summer of 2021 was much more enjoyable than 2020. We were able to welcome you back to the water, watch as family and friends reconnected and of course, embark on our new adventure with the Hilton Garden Inn Snowdonia and Wave Garden Spa. 

Alongside millions of other businesses in Wales alone, we’ve adapted to the challenges brought about by covid-19 and eventually overcome them, with socially-distant surfing and safe protocols put in place to protect us all. As we look forward to an autumn of adventure, there’s a few things we wanted to mention that made this summer a memorable one.

With too much to cover in one here are highlights and notes from what has been a remarkable year in our story so far... 

Waves returning to Snowdonia 

On the 18th May 2021, after over a year of a lifeless lagoon, we were able to finally fire up our wave-foil and watch as the waves rolled by once more. Entirely inspired by nature, our enchanting environment made this all the more emotional. With a backdrop of thick, dense forest from one end and a sweeping valley at the other, it seems only natural for the lagoon to be glistening and sparkling with the movement of our waves. It was great to see some familiar faces again too, with many locals taking their boards to the water after being deprived of the more tropical surf destinations dotted around the globe. 

Our new hotel & spa overlooking the surf lagoon 

One particular highlight of this year was the much anticipated opening of our brand new Hilton Garden Inn Snowdonia and adjoining Wave Garden Spa. Immersed within the Snowdonia scenery and based onsite for easy access to all the adventures we offer, the hotel boasts beautiful rooms that look over the lagoon and a serene spa area with treatments centred around wellbeing. The opening has gone excellently for everyone involved, and we’ve had some great feedback from guests that left feeling refreshed, inspired and well-rested. 


The team at Adventure Parc Snowdonia  


We are immensely proud of how hard each and every single member of staff has worked in order to facilitate safe learning environments and enjoyable experiences even in times of difficulty. It goes without saying that we would be nothing without the people who keep the cogs turning here at Adventure Parc Snowdonia. Our team has also grown during this time, and we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming more passionate, professional individuals across surf, adventure and hospitality. We can’t wait to see where autumn takes us, and we look forward to welcoming you here soon.


What the landscape looks like post-covid

While we are still remaining vigilant in terms of safety and protecting others, we have enjoyed seeing people connecting with nature both here onsite and around the local area. If there’s anything we learned during lockdown, it’s how beautiful our scenic surroundings are, and how good it is to be able to connect with kindred spirits who enjoy the great outdoors as much as we do. With the restrictions now significantly eased, we are taking the time to celebrate local sites and attractions such as our local mountain bike trail Gwydir Forest and the beautiful Bodnant Garden.




Stay | Explore | Relax 

The perfect escape.., Combining active outdoor adventure with serene relaxation or to simply unwind in Snowdonia. Our Hilton Garden Inn Snowdonia provides contemporary comfort and warm hospitality in a truly remarkable setting. The hotel features stylish and modern bedrooms with big views on all sides, a beautiful restaurant and bar, and the new Wave Garden Spa. 

Surfmore this winter! 

People and sense of community are what makes sharing our waves so enjoyable for us here is Snowdonia. We hope to see many of our friends and locals returning to to #SurfMore and up your wave count. One way we hope to make this a little easier is through our 2021 surf memberships. Whether you’re a local or travel to the remarkable location we call home in the hunt for waves and good times, we look forward to seeing you spend longer in the lineup!

2021 Surf Loyalty Memberships!


Up your wave count and surf more with our surf memberships! Giving you 25% off your next 10 'Just Surf' sessions in 2021! 

People and sense of community are what makes sharing our waves so enjoyable for us here is Snowdonia. We hope to see many of our friends and locals returning to to #SurfMore and up your wave count. One way we hope to make this a little easier is through our 2021 surf memberships. Whether you're a local or travel to the remarkable location we call home in the hunt for waves and good times, we look forward to seeing you spend longer in the lineup!


Surfing at the Tokyo Olympics | Surf Snowdonia


Surfing is a sport that first originated atop the sparkling, cerulean waves of Polynesia in the late eighteenth century, during a time when surfboards were thick, heavy pieces of wood that weighed up to 90 kilos. Enjoyed by everyone from royalty through to fishermen, it was a way of life associated with sacred rituals and celebration. Brought to the attention of the masses during the early 1900s by the father of modern surfing and Olympic swimmer Duke Kahanamoku, it was something he passionately campaigned for, saying it was his ‘dream’ to see surfing become an Olympic sport upon accepting his gold medal at the 1912 Stockholm summer olympics.

Fast-forward over a century, and the decision by the Olympic committee to include surfing in the games was made on the 3rd August 2016, when they also announced that baseball, karate, skateboarding and climbing would be added.

So, in a historic year for the sport, what have we learned from watching 40 world-class athletes take to the water?

Even Olympic surfing is at the mercy of mother nature

No matter what the level of preparation is, surfing competitions throughout history have always been subject to one uncontrollable element, the weather. The Olympics is no exception, with the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals all rushed into one day in order to accommodate tropical storm Nepartak.

A lot of different factors go into surf scoring

With a panel of five different judges watching each wave, athletes go head to head in three 30 minute rounds known as heats, where every wave ridden is scored from 0.1-10. On each wave, the very highest and lowest scores are thrown out with the average of the middle three giving the overall score for that wave.

The scores from the best 2 waves are then added together to calculate each surfer’s overall heat score. While all of that might sound complicated, the simple factors being taken into account by the judges include the difficulty and variety of moves, the speed, flow & power of execution and the athlete’s overall commitment to the wave.

Surfing is set to continue it’s Olympic journey

Scheduled to take place in Paris in 2024, surfing will be featured in the 2024 Olympics but with a catch - the surf competition itself will take place in Tahiti, almost 10,000 miles away. It could also be the year that we see Sky Brown qualify for the Team GB surf squad, after she became the youngest British Olympic Medallist by winning the Bronze medal in skateboarding, revealing that it’s her ‘goal to compete in both sports at the Paris games’.

Beyond that, in 2028, Los Angeles is set to play host, meaning athletes will take on the consistent waves of the California coastline should surfing be kept on the agenda. (As surfing was declared the official sport of the state in 2018, we deem it highly unlikely that it will be dropped.)

The wave pool is the perfect place to train

With conditions often proving tricky, even gold-medallists appreciate the calm, clean consistency of a wave pool. Upon their arrival in host city Makinohara, Women’s Surfing Shortboard Gold Medallist Carissa Moore was one of the first to train, adding  "The host city has been incredibly generous in sharing their hospitality and culture - from the awesome beach, the cheering crowds, new wave pool and beautiful leis and hotel.”

Improve your surfing at SURF SNOWDONIA

Surrounded by brooding mountains, rugged rolling hills and glorious green forests, the surf lagoon at Adventure Parc Snowdonia is the perfect place to practise your surfing, reconnect with nature and be inspired by this years’ Olympians. Located within an hour of some of North Wales’ best surf spots, you’ll easily be able to take your new found confidence out onto the ocean following a session or lesson.



August Safety Update


Following updated Government advice and guidelines we can finally make further improvements to the way we operate. Please help us to make your visit as healthy and safe as possible by taking a minute to read our checklist below before you travel to see us.

If you are unsure about anything at all, our friendly team is always on hand to help. We look forward to welcoming you back for adventure and to surf, explore and stay in Snowdonia!


  • You must sign your waiver before you arrive. If you haven’t done so yet, please check your booking confirmation email and do so now. Please make sure everyone in your group has signed their waiver.
  • We will have sanitising stations for you to use at all customer touch points.
  • We continue to prefer contactless payment where possible to increase safety
  • Our food and beverage outlets will be open, and we will be following the appropriate guidelines for socially distanced dining. More information on Surfside dining be found here
  • We are following Welsh Government guidelines, and we will be reviewing all systems and operations as new guidance is released.


  • Our changing facilities, are back open fully! Located in the main Hub Building with the usual flow through Wetsuits and The Academy!
  • Our hot showers are back in use!
  • Locker facilities are now available, please request a wristband at reception (£2 charge)


  • You may have to wait for your session outside under cover, please ensure you are wearing appropriate clothing to keep you warm.
  • Unless you are medically exempt, you will be required to wear a face mask during all safety demonstrations.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us! You can call our customer service team on 01492 353 123 or email us on

Meet The Team!


Meet: Maddie!

You'll likely find Maddie, one of our awesome lifeguards, encouraging and helping people around the shores of the lagoon here in Snowdonia! Our lifeguard team are the ones keeping you safe in the water at all times. Our friendly, fun-loving team are the all-round good guys that share a passion for surfing and spending time outdoors (whatever the weather)!

Like many of us here, Maddie has huge appreciation for the ocean, conservation and surfing. Maddie is currently studying Marine Biology at Bangor University, with specific interest in seaweed mari-culture and its uses against climate change! Something that we are fully behind, it's great to share views and values with our team and visitors and adventurer's around sustainability and conservation of our natural environment - with all aspects of our Parc being truly #InspiredByNature since 2015!

Favourite Wave? Advanced North during staff sessions, awesome to hangout and share waves after work!

Weapon of choice? keeping it fun with a 7' foamie!

Relaxation space? Working from the Surfside Hub with waves rhythmically rolling past from the huge viewing windows.

we caught up with maddie

“Travel permitting, I am due to be travelling to the Seychelles for a research project, focusing on the conservation of mangrove forests on the islands. These plants form dense barriers in the intertidal zone, creating nursery grounds for lemon sharks and turtles, among other organisms, and contribute greatly to coastal defences and carbon capture!

Working at APS has given me the opportunity to meet so many interesting people, in an environment that fully supports me as a person and my studies. It is great to have such an amazing facility on our doorstep and watch people develop their surfing and confidence in the water, as well as progressing with my own surfing quicker than I ever imagined. This is definitely somewhere where work doesn’t feel like work - always the best kind of place.”

We're always on the lookout for great people to join our team across our departments. Want to be part of the adventure? Take a look at our vacancies!






Introducing our home - Snowdonia

To paraphrase the poet William Blake, great things happen when men and mountains meet. And we think you’d be hard pushed to find anywhere better to happen upon greatness than in Snowdonia, North Wales.

We consider ourselves extremely lucky to make our home here, at the gateway to the Snowdonia National Park. It’s a straight-up stunning part of the world, which is just one of the reasons why it is consistently voted as one of the top regions in the world to explore.

Follow the Conwy River for around eight miles from its estuary at the medieval town of Conwy, and that’s where you’ll find us. The grassy whaleback hills of the Carneddau mountains and the dense Gwydir forest rise up from the valley floor behind us, and the Snowdonia Massif – home to Snowdon, the highest peak in England and Wales – lies just a few miles to the south west.

North Wales is the ideal holiday location for anyone who takes pleasure in the beauty, exuberance and boundless potential of the Great Outdoors. Want to get out and explore when you visit us? Check out our outdoor adventures, including gorge walking and mountain biking, here.

We’re just around an hour and a half’s drive from Liverpool or Manchester, or just an hour from Chester. And whilst our location is rural, we’re just 15 minutes’ drive from the main North Wales expressway.  Find out more about how to get here, including arriving by train or ferry, here.

If you'd like to stay up to date with all of our offers, competitions and news, follow us on social media and sign up to our newsletter. For anything else, just drop us a line on





Wave Garden Spa - a sneak preview

Friday 26th March 2021 is a big day for us here at Adventure Parc Snowdonia. Not only do we start our new surf and adventure season after a whole year off thanks to you know what, but we also open the doors to a stunning new Hilton Garden Inn and Wave Garden Spa. And they are startingto look really quite wonderful.

Surrounded as we are by the beautiful natural landscapes of North Wales, we've designed every aspect of the Wave Garden Spa to make the most of its stunning natural setting.

Inside, a fragrant thermal journey flows around the warm vitality waterfall pool, which along with the steam room, and an iconic oversized Himalayan salt sauna, looks out across the waves of our surf lagoon to the mountains and forests beyond.

Outside, you’ll be able to enjoy the sound of waves as you unwind in the outdoor hot whirlpool and relaxation pods, with fire pits to keep you toasty and warm. A yoga studio, and a traditional wooden barrel sauna, complete the outdoor spa experience.

Want to know more? Head over to our Wave Garden Spa page for more information, and be sure to sign up to our newsletter - it's the best way to stay in touch and get all the deets on our news, competitions and offers.

Christmas Vouchers now on sale!

Our Christmas Vouchers are now on sale!

We’ve all been stuck inside for far too long in 2020, so why not give your loved ones the gift of something super-exciting to put on their calendar for next year?

This Christmas we have EVEN MORE fantastic gifts to choose from, because as well as our surf, adventure and glamping breaks, you can now buy gift vouchers for our stunning new Hilton Garden Inn hotel and Wave Garden Spa.

And you can buy with total confidence too, because our Christmas vouchers are valid for the whole of next year, until 31 December, 2021. Get Christmas all wrapped up from £20, in just a couple of clicks. Head over to our Santa's Grotto page to get your Christmas sorted now.

The Hilton Garden Inn Snowdonia is coming

Could you do with something positive to look forward to for next year? If so, we have some very exciting news that might just brighten your day.

On Friday 26th March 2021 – just in time for the Easter hols – we’ll be opening the doors to our stunning new Hilton Garden Inn Snowdonia and Wave Garden Spa. With big views across our surf lagoon to the mountains and forests beyond, you’d be hard-pushed to find a better place to re-charge your batteries.

Check in for stylish hospitality, indulgent spa treatments, outdoor yoga, fire pits, and deep relaxation. Oh, and did we mention our showstopper restaurant and bar? With world-class inland surfing, freshwater swimming and miles of beautiful Snowdonia landscapes to explore on our doorstep, you won’t be short of ways to work up a healthy appetite.

Our focus in 2021 is on your health, happiness and wellbeing. Better times are coming, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

The Hilton Garden Inn Snowdonia is now taking bookings. Just head over to our hotel page to book the best staycation of the year for 2021!