You fell in love, got engaged, got all excited about planning your dream wedding, and then boom! A global pandemic threw a giant spanner in the works. The last year may have taken us all by surprise, but we’ll make sure it doesn’t ruin your big day.

We know that lockdown has broken a few lovestruck hearts over the last twelve months, so we wanted to do something to help. If you've seen your big day moved to a date you don’t want, or lost your deposit to a wedding venue that can no longer accommodate you the way you would like, don't worry! This one's for you.

If you book your wedding with us in 2021 or 2022, we will cover the lost deposit* from your previous venue (up to £500.00,* T&Cs apply). We’ll also throw in a complimentary honeymoon suite at the Hilton Garden Inn Snowdonia for your wedding night, 10 stylish bedrooms at a discounted wedding rate, and 10% discount off our best available rates for all other wedding guests who wish to book accommodation.

And remember, as a brand-new wedding venue opening in spring 2021, we have a clean-slate calendar so you can have your pick of dates.

So, if you're looking for an amazing wedding venue in North Wales with stacks of availability for 2021/22, stunning mountain-and-forest views and a spa to help you prep and look your best, we need to talk. Head over to our weddings page now and fill out the contact form there, or email us on info@adventureparcsnowdonia.com

No Quibble Refunds - Our Covid Guarantee

If there's one thing that the last twelve months has taught us, it's that we can never be sure about what's coming around the corner. Just in case we hit any more covid shaped bumps in the road, you can be assured that your booking is safe with us.

Our simple No Quibble Refunds guarantee gives you peace-of-mind, with no quibble date moves or refunds within six weeks of your arrival date.  This is applicable for all arrivals up to and including 30 September 2022.

When you book with us, your booking is protected from:

  • Sitewide closure
  • If you are personally impacted by COVID-19 or by related Government restrictions
  • If you are unwell with COVID-19 symptoms
  • If you are required to isolate by Test & Trace
  • If you simply change your mind

You can read our full bookings terms and conditions here. If you'd like to talk to our bookings team direct, just give us a call on 01492 353 123 or email info@adventureparcsnowdonia.com


Getting the Gang Back Together Again

After a long hard year of coronavirus restrictions, we’ve all learned some valuable lessons. The etiquette of loo roll buying. The benefits of a regular haircut. That we really miss working in a fit-for-purpose office with actual real-life colleagues.

We know we’re not quite out of the woods yet, but as the Covid vaccine roll out begins and we look forward to better times ahead, it’s a pretty decent time to reflect. What did you miss most during the long lockdowns of 2020-21?

For most of us, this year has brought home the importance of human connection and spending time with the people we value and love. And yes, whilst Facetime and Zoom are better than no contact at all, there’s no denying that they just can’t compete with a conversation IRL.

The restrictions on travel have made us realise how much we miss having the right to roam and explore. We miss our favourite mountains and beach, and discovering a beautiful new corner of the planet. And we really miss the sheer joy of being able to plan a relaxing weekend away.

As soon as it is safe to do so, we all have some pretty serious catching up to do. Whether you’re looking to reunite with friends, family or colleagues, take a look around our adventure parc in North Wales to see how we can help you get your gang back together in 2021.