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Enjoy a challenge? then put your best foot forward on our indoor high ropes course. One of North Wales best climbing high rope centers.

Scramble, climb and balance your way around our new roof top rope adventure at the Adrenaline Indoors complex. Based on a Via Ferrata climbing route, this fun high-wire obstacle course will test your head for heights, strength and agility. Minimum Age is 10+ and partners with our indoor clip & climb walls (climbing walls from 5+ to 95 years old), and our Snowdonia climbing centre monster, one of the the bigger 12m outdoor climbing wall in Wales.

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Professionally named “Via Ferrata” which is a climbing route that is created using steel cables, rungs or ladders.

In the professional world of climbing they expand the opportunities for climbers to access repeated routes to other more difficult climbs. All high rope activities have become popular as an alternative to rock climbing and mountaineering.

Our adrenaline indoors complex has been uniquely designed for professional climbing as well as scrambling, fun with our high ropes facility hanging above it all!

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high rope indoors snowdonia

Important Information

Age 10+
Activity is 45 – 60 minutes
Weight: max 120kg
Height: min 1.2m / max 2m
Reach: min 1.8m without shoes
Ages 10 – 17 requires one paying, participating adult to accompany on the course at all times

Not suitable for people with, but not exclusively with the following conditions:

Heart conditions (without medical consent)
Severe neck/back condition or pain
Severe anxiety
Severe obesity
Persons with injuries/ailments/conditions whether physical or mental that could be adversely affected by participation

If you are unsure about your physical or mental ability to partake in this activity, please consult your doctor.